onsdag 4 januari 2017

4th of January

The calendar is such a nice way to warm up before I start working with my paintings in my studio! It doesn´t take too much time. Today I started going through my journals from the beginning of my tangling journey and found a tangle I did love and did try but felt I didn´t manage to make it my own then. Hamail (Tina Aqua Hunziker) is so nice. I´ll have to practise it a lot more though.

Here it comes with Finery (Zt) another tangle I learned from Beckah Krahula´s book. but haven´t used much. It is fun to draw! 

Stephanie Jennifer shared a link  to downloads in the Fb-group "Todays tangles" that is great if one cannot get Carole Ohls calendar or if you want to try working in another but similar way:

Now I´ll go on with my paintings!

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