måndag 9 januari 2017

8th and 9th of January

Yesterday I had som fun in my calendar. I transformed the 8th to my first pattern ever: Kassandra.

Meer (Zt) developed out of 7th and Cubine(Zt) is my addiction. I have to do it now and then.

My daily meditation yesterday went into this:

A nice string 225 from Nancy Eaton! I went into a duotangle adventure with Paushalöv (Amy Broady) and Tipple. Paushalöv is such a fun pattern to draw and it looks funny too!

Today is the 9th day in the calendar and also end of page 3.

I looked at what Sandy Kelly Jones had done before me for the ninth and I couldn´t wait to try Lori Howe´s pattern Wirlz. I did and it was like recognizing an old friend. That pattern reminds me of one I watched on Youtube when I hardly didn´t know what zentangle meant!I just had to draw it at that time and it went on and on and on. Wirlz is not the same pattern, but it is very easy to learn too and very easy to get lost in! And I liked the way it overwhelmed Meer continuing from yesterday!

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