söndag 29 januari 2017

28-29th of January and string 232

January 28th is a monotangle with Casella (Conny Holsappel). I have never done this tangle before, it has been sorted in the pile of tangles-to-try. This was a fun tangle and I hope I can learn it by heart to be able to use it freely! It went on into 29th were Viaduct (Wayne Harlow), Popcloud (Carla duPreez) and Static waited. So far I love this page. Don´t know what´s going to happen tomorrow!

My daily meditation-tile is special to me. I was going to try the focus-tangle in Square One using string 232 (Lori Byerly). I had practiced the tangle Bucky (Zt) in my sketchbook... but what happened?? I missed the step with the dots. OOOps! There are not misstakes in zentangle. So I just went on. Now wiser about Bucky! Here is the result:

The Bucket is the tangle down in the right corner. 3D-Room (Damy Teng) is on the left side. In between there is my oops and I don´t know what it is but I like it. Maybe a tangleation? Thank´s to Bucky I learned to appreciate the oops!!! I am happy about that!

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