söndag 22 januari 2017

21st and 22nd of January

21st of January. Zander on Flukes, both Zentangle. Flukes is one of those tangles that is easy to learn and easy to draw. I have liked it from the first sight. It easy to get a 3D dimension in this patter with a slight shading. It doesn´t matter if the hand is unsteady and the lines become wobbling. 

The evening meditation went into this:

Mak-rah-mee (Michelle Beauchamp) monotangle for Square One. Mak-rah-mee is such a delightful tangle. But it is annoying too! When I start doing Mak-rah-mee, I am in trouble, since it just goes on and on in a never ending story! I love it, don´t missunderstand me, but it is so difficult to stop! Here with string 231 (Anette Plaga-Lodde)

Today is 22nd of January. I decided to try Aquafleur (Zt). I have done it in my sketchbook several times, but didn´t find it flowing as I wanted. But I think I will work on this for a couple of days, since I am convinced this pattern has possibilities! Here with Static, Tipple, Florz, all zentangle, and a favourite of mine, Dragonair (Norma Burell).

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