lördag 7 januari 2017

6th and 7th of January

To let it be and accept the way it is , isn´t the easy way for me. Not in zentangle nor in my paintings. That is one of those things I always have to be aware of. I think that is one reason why I need to do this calendar project. If one day looks queer or wonky or... I don´t throw the calendar away. I need to accept it. Yesterday was a busy day, so here it comes today instead:

Xav (Adele Bruno) is such a nice pattern. And forgiving. Icanthis leaped over it from the fifth and Tipple rests in the number. Here is the entire page:

I have got a feeling these days link to eachother. Now I start on next page:

Aftergloo (Carole Ohl) is a pattern I like to get back to now and then. Easy to learn and relaxing to do. Love it!

Last night after finishing my work in the studio I sat down tangling before sleep. I have come to string 223 (Anette Plaga-Lodde).The simpliness in the string was what I needed, I was tired and didn´t need to think too much. First I wasn´t satisfied with the result. But I let it be what it was.

Tody I can see other things in it and I accept it for what it is. That is satisfying enough!

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