torsdag 12 januari 2017

12th of January and string 228

Calendar for today:

(the whole page only). Today´s patterns: Barquillos (Maria Tovar), Bales (Zt) and Holes (Suzanne McNeill). I am satisfied with this page, I think it goes well together!.

Sometimes it is so satisfying to skip the pencil-line around the tangling! Today I worked with string 228 (Rosemary Turpin). The patterns are: Hamail (Tina Aqua Hunziker), Lenche (mine), Aftergloo (Carole Ohl), Beadline (Margaret Bremner, Printemps (Zt) and Hollibaugh (Zt). This time I followed the tip from Tina how to do Hamail; I penciled a Printemps-string under it! I think it looks much better!

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