måndag 30 januari 2017

30th of January

The last days of January. This month has slipped away too fast. Need to slow down.

Today I remembered my intention of practicing Dewdrops a little bit more. Here they are placed on Papyrus (Suzanne McNeill). I often land on her patterns. They are always easy to learn and the zen-factor is high! Love them. 

I am happy that this entire page feels like a continuum. 

Now about the paper in the calendar, since at least Simone Menzel is wondering about it: The paper in the calendar is quite different from ordinary tiles. The pen glides very easy on it, almost too easy, I have to take care where I start and stop a line. When I look closer on the result, I can see this clearly. The shading is different too. It is harder to smudge the graphite, but the result is very nice if I succeed to do it properly. Most difficult is it to get it well done close to a line from the pen. Except for these two things, which I start to get used to, the paper is heavyweight enough to resist rough processing. I haven´t gone into color so I can´t tell how that is yet. Summary: I do like this calendar very much and the paper in it, though since I am used to original tiles I have to get used to the differences to make the best out of it. But so far I find it worth it! 

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Simone Menzel sa...

Dear Anita,
thank you so much for your very detailed report about the Zentangle calendar.
First of all: I love it as well!I am happy to see how it is filling with tangles which are new to me respectively which I did not try yet.
This is my own challenge, to draw a monotangle ecery day with another tangle. Maybe someday I will change this topic but up to now I find lots of tangles to try and this is fun and interesting. Soetimes the result is not so perfect, but I see it as an experience and challenge.

Concerning the paper you described very well what I mean. It is different to the original ZT paper which I know well and know how it works. After the first days I was a bit sad about the smooth paper in the calendar, but now, some days later I get used to this quality and learn how to draw and to shade. And yes- I like it now as well!
Probably it is an advantage to draw on different paper qualities.
Thank you so much for your opinion, so I thought a little more about it and now I am happy again ;-))
Manga hälsningar, Simone