tisdag 10 januari 2017

10th of january and a special string

About a year ago I first met the pattern Nymph (Melinda Barlow). It was the focustangle in Square One. It is a beautiful pattern that starts with the same grid as `Nzeppel (Zt)but the outcome is totally different. As I first learned it, the grid was penciled, which is not the case with `Nzeppel. But it can be done with the Micron too.

This is what I did in the calendar today and I let `Nzeppel be there too. I also used Worholes which I mentioned yesterday. I didn´t know who had created that pattern, so I searched and found out it was Sandra Strait. I wasn´t surprised! She has come up with a lot of fun and beautiful patterns!

The tile I did yesterday (read: last night):

I wanted to try Hanny Nura´s new pattern Spoolie and choose string 226 (Lori Byerly). This string was something else! I liked it as I first saw it. The other patterns are: Wud (Joni Feddersen), Woody (Ludmilla Blum) and Florz (Zt). I think I want to try this string again, as I can see it has a lot of possibilities. 

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