torsdag 19 januari 2017

18th and 19th of January

 There has been a lot of Dewdrops in the Zentangle-groups on Fb. I have tried to do them some times but even if the result was satisfying, they didn´t look too much as dewdrops. Yesterday I decided to give this a chance one more time following Lynn Shelton Meads stepout. I did this slowly, using a pattern I found very early in my tangling journey; Dro´t/Wire/Drath by someone who calls him/her Ferenc Nagy. I am unsure about if this name is for real. There was a very famous Ferenc Nagy in Hungary who died in 1979. This couldn´t be him. I liked the pattern anyway and I have used it a lot when I learned it. Now it came back to me and I am still very happy about it. I also liked the dewdrops this time, but I can see I still need to practice them!

Today´s date means a new page in the calendar.

This is a monotangle. I used Crescent moon all the way but in the main space I draw it with straight lines only. I like the outcome and I also like the wobbling lines in this case!

Today´s meditation went into another direction:

In my personal challenge I have come to string 229 (Lianne Woods). this string is perfect for geometry and symmetry! So here I went for Rick´s Paradox (Zt) and `NZeppel! Rick´s Paradox is so special and to do it I have to slow down. I am quite happy about the outcome!

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