onsdag 25 januari 2017

23d, 24th and 25th of January and finally string 216

This month of January seems to have an inner high-speed. I do work on slow-down-method. Now I haven´t posted in three days f.ex.

23d of January brought me this:

There are tangles that don´t appeal to me at once, they are a challenge in themselves. So is Aquafleur (Zt). I have tried it but never used it in a tile or posted it anywhere. To make such a tangle mine I have to do it many times over and over again. That´s why I let it follow me for three days. Here on the 23d it comes with Static. I think I have got a more relaxed relationship with Aquafleur during these three days! 

24th of January: Here is the entire page:

On the 24th I could integrate Aquafleur with other patterns in a more comfortable way. Dragonair (Norma Burell)could take the lead this time together with Cruffle (Sandy Hunter), Tipple and Flux.

25th of January is today: 

Monotangling Mooka!I take the chance to hang on with Mooka for a while. This is a wonderful zentangle. Maria Thomas was inspired by  an Art-Deko-artist, Alphonse Mucha creating this. You find the tutorial with the story here.

At last I publish string 216 (Rosemary Turpin). It takes a long time to go from Rättvik in Sweden to a place in the US sometimes. Now Sandy Kelley Jones has got this, so I can show it here:

The patterns are Starawn (Judy Murphy), Alexa (Henrike Bratz)- a tangleation of Appearance (Sandra Strait), Navaho (Karen Mlot),Diamond Drops (Janice Sherlock) and Yincut (Zt). I choose the patterns randomly from the Tanglepattern library. I should do that more often using the Random Tangle Selector, because it is so FUN.

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