fredag 21 juli 2017

19th, 20th and 21st of July

The last three days I have used two tangles that has been a challenge to me. Sez and Peanuckle. They have landed on my tiles, in my sketchbook and now in the calendar.

Sez was the one I started with on the 18th but it followed to encourage me to go for Peanuckle, which I put in a Dingbatz just to be sure it wouldn´t run away! On the 20th, I combined it with Asian Fans, (which is in the Joey´s challenge this week), Msst and Printemps, and today the weather is gloomy, so Msst continued and now I tried to put Peanuckle under it using what I learned on the tile yesterday with Tranzending technique. Mooka and also Fescu joined.

4 kommentarer:

Jess sa...

Love your peanuckle here! So glad you were able to overcome your challenges with it. Hooray!

Jean Chaney sa...

When a tangle doesn't allow me "zen" feelings, I will still do it for a challenge and then set it aside. I do revist, but not right away. You really were brave and pushed yourself, and they all look great!

Suzanne Fluhr sa...

It looks like Peanuckle refused to go quietly into the night and insisted on sticking around. The truth is that the best way to learn tangles is through repetition. Motor memory and neural pathways really are a "thing". Nice!

Anne's tangle blog sa...

I agree with Jean! Your are te bravest :-)