måndag 31 juli 2017

31st of July

Last day of July. This month I have overcome something. Peanuckle was a pattern I did avoid. I don´t any more! So today I made another pattern, which is a project not to avoid! I haven´t done it for quite a long time.

Yes it is Cadent (Zt). It looks nice when other tanglers use it, but when I do it I am not comfortable. Something with the lazy S:es. To keep focus on one stroke at a time... I need to work on it. And the shading too. I have to go for that. So that is a project in August to make friends with Cadent. Here with Fun Bee (Beate Winkler) and Fescu (Zt)

Todays meditation. I made another tile with Trisnail (Jenna Black).

I like the edgy approach of this pattern!Knase (Zt) and Tipple (Zt)also came by. And something else.

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