tisdag 25 juli 2017

Calendar and letters

I got stuck with Block´d (Jane Eileen) for some reason! For three days I played with squares in my calendar.

22nd of July: My first Block´d ever. Here with Metro (Anya Ipsen).
23rd of July: Block´d with Beelight (Zt).
24th of July: Block´d with Fragment W7 and Diva Dance (Zt.

Very relaxing to work with this pattern and it may take a lot of appearances! 

Then this happened: I ran into a video with Kitchen Table Tangles. I looked at it twice at least. It was all about embedding letters. I love letters. Letters are magic. But there is also a problem. A close friend of mine (not longer with us), she was an illustrator and made beautiful calligraphy. I followed her work during several years and I admired her creating so much beautiful letters! I know it takes many years of practice to be able to do what she did by hand, not at the computer. I decided not to go deeper into that calligraphy-thing because I figured out I won´t have that time at all. Looking att the video I found another way to think about it. And I couldn´t wait trying!

Actually I thought I couldn´t make letters beautifully. But looking at this I know it is possible. I loved to work with this the way Maria and Rick presented it in their video! It was so easy! I made my first steps with embedded letters on small Bijou. It felt safer in a way.

You can also check out Melinda Barlow´s lesson about embedded letters here

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