söndag 30 juli 2017

Slow down with the snail

Sometimes it is more difficult than other days to just slow down and draw what comes up. Those days I need two things. 1. A pattern to start with. 2. A string to lean on to. I need one more thing: I need to remember to appreciate, to breath an then start doing it one stroke a time. Familiar isn´t it? Today´s meditation (with some interruption):

Trisnail (Jenna Black), Firecracker (Suzanne McNeill), Waves (Suzanne McNeill) and Fescu (Zt). Yesterday I watched Melinda Barlow draw Trisnail and it looked fun.  So that was what I had in mind as I draw. I liked her way to put some drama in (the black part)! She didn´t use a string, but I did. I like to make strings from the spiralform!

The last three days i my calendar, i practiced embedded letters:

It is fun to do. But my problem is that it is very easy to overload the embedded letters with a lots of patterns! I am an overdoer,  so I have to live with it. As I tangle on, this will lead to something, I know that. It always does so I don´t care to much... Backgrounds to my letters I, J and C are: Florz (zt), Flukes (zt) and Cayla (Chrissie Frampton).

2 kommentarer:

Ria Matheussen sa...

This tile looks great Anita.
I admire you because you give all new tangles a try, I don't have that courage!

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Oh no Ria, not all!! But those that talks to me if I have the time!😍 Thank's for stopping by!