torsdag 27 juli 2017

My calendar meets Sandy Hunter

There are so many talented tanglers around this planet. Some of them I have found. Most of them I haven´t. One of those tangler Ifound early on my tangling journey was Sandy Hunter. I have enjoyed her tangles a lot, Akoya, Lollyvimple, Merryweather and ofcourse Crouffle which is very easy to get addicted to. Last three days I decided to find out more about tangles from Sandy Hunter I didn´t know  and had not tried before. Here are the three patterns I choose:

25th: Snorr. I thought thisone would be a little bit difficult to learn, but following the stepout I found it was very easy and very fun to draw.
26th: Papermint.I have seen this pattern being used once and wanted to try it. So unexpectedly fun! Very easy to learn!
27th: Pooma. This pattern I choose because I had not seen it before and in the stepout Sandy showed many variations of it and this is one variation. To me circles are fun to draw but they are also tricky. Very seldom I have managed to draw a circular circle. Not this time either, but it doesn´t matter it looks cool anyway!

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