söndag 23 juli 2017

Something borrowed, something blue - IAST 204

Next part of IAST-challenge with weddingtheme. I found this string tricky! Check back on the link above, and then you might understand what I mean!

At last I decided to try it on a rennaisance-tile. Something blue is my version of Suzanne McNeill´s Blue Bonnet. The borrowed pattern is B´Tweed a zentangle original pattern. This is what I love about string: the result will be a surprise almost every time! I would never have done this in this way if it had not been for the string! The string thing is one of the challenges I always want to get back to, because the string keeps me from planning and the only decision I have to make is where to start! The blue tones in this one are made with pastelpencils, the rest is White charcoal, graphite and micron.

3 kommentarer:

rainbows and raindrops sa...

Wow. I love your interpretation of the string! It's so different from what I eventually did - but that's the beauty of zentangle!

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank's! It was fun to do this! And so true, it will never come out exactly the same!😄

Susie sa...

At first glance I didn't recognize those over-sized things and wondered what those are doing on the tile. Then it hit me! Bluebonnets! HUGE Bluebonnets leaves. I call this out-of-the box thinking, Anita! Your whole tile is amazingly beautiful. Congrats!