söndag 9 juli 2017

IAST 202

Tangling before going to bed is so good! I appreciate the feeling of peace this brings to me no matter what has been around in the daytime. Tonight I made my entry for IAST 202.

The patterns in this challenge are CO2 (Antonine Megger), Popcloud (Carla du Preez) and Xplode (Margaret Mc Kerihan). I admit I had some doubt about this challenge. Popcloud is a pattern I use now and then. But Xplode an CO2? I have trouble with Xplode since it tend to mark up and down on my tile, which isn´t the case most of the time, as I always turn my tiles around working on them. But Xplode doesn´t care about that! The tile has up and down, if I like it or not. CO2 is very simple to learn. But I find it difficult to shade. So this tile was supposed to be a challenge. I started with dots in the corners, penciled the line connecting the dots, and then I made the string. Slow down I told myself, slow down! And then I just didn´t bother about result, the string took over and then there it was. The process is what I love in zentangle. The result is what it is and I am happy to say I do appreciate what came out once again! This is a happy moment. 

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