torsdag 6 juli 2017

Flux and Fluxecho

Exploring a tangle´s possibilities might in happy moments lead to a new tangle or a tangleation. Take a look here in Lynn Shelton Mead´s blog. As I saw Fluxecho I decided to try it at once because of my own experience with Flux. This is what happened:

Flux is the pattern I have worked with since I started tangling. It is an easy one-stroke-pattern to learn immediately by heart! But it has been a challenge to me as well. There are so many tiles I have seen with wonderful flowing Flux. I enjoy working with Flux, but very seldom it works the way I want it to. Don´t ask me why, there is no good answer. Taking off with Fluxecho was so fun! Then Flux just took the place of it´s own! I think I needed something more steady to be able to let Flux flow and Fluxecho was this steady ground! 

I love when things like this happens! It is inspiring to find new ways to go. 

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