onsdag 12 juli 2017

Hearts in my Calendar

Obviousely I couldn´t stop myself once going into the challenge with tangled hears. I can´t explain this, because Hearts are not my favourite-tangles nor my favourite shape. I was happy to read Jessica Davies story, it made me think of it in an another direction. 

 The last three days are differenthearted. I also added pink, which I normally don´t.
10:th of July: Coffecups (Simone Hassel) and CO2 (Antonine Megger).
11th of July:5CAura, Ina Sonnenmoser, Mooka, Paradox, Diva Dance and Tipple (all Zt).
12th of July: Merryweather (Sandy Hunter) and Florz (Zt).

To use Hearts as a string is a good idea. Then I don´t care about if it is a heart or not, it is just a string. Looking at the result I am happy about the way this came out. The heartshape is just a shape, the tangles just found their places.

Thank´s to Jessica I did something unexpected to myself!

5 kommentarer:

Gudrun S. sa...

I love your harty Calender and pink makes it very light and interesting :-))

Jess sa...

Anita, this is beautiful! Love how you've kept going with the heart strings. Bonus points for using my favorite color of pink too! :-)

Anne's tangle blog sa...

'Just a string', maybe that is the way to look at it :-)

Jean Chaney sa...

Such fun to combine hearts with all those other tangles. Very nice!

Michele Wynne sa...

I ❤ your 💞!