onsdag 5 juli 2017


Today it was my Zendala-time. I needed to take my time doing it. The Zendala is like a dance in slowmotion. It takes time. And it is an effort to stay focused longer than it takes to work on an ordinary tile.

In fact it was the recent pattern, C-view, from Ria Matheussen that pushed me into this. The other patterns are Camread (Susan Yeo and her Malaysian friends), Crescentmoon, Fescu with auras, and Printemps.

I started with a dot in the centre and then I made a string with my pencil, very lightly. I also made a circle to be able to do an even frame. I like to draw in a circle a lot. I do. The result is always interesting. I don´t want to use rulers. I don´t want to use tools as I draw a zendala. I have tried to use templates, there are a lot of them to be found searching the net. Right now I prefer not to use them. Don´t ask me why, I don´t have a good answer.

Drawing this, trying to stay focused, I find it very peaceful. Yes. I loved to do it!


2 kommentarer:

susan317 sa...

Beautiful- thank you for sharing!

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank's Susan!😄