fredag 28 juli 2017

In a round and an embedded B

My first tile today I tangled in a round. With a string made of my "chop".

I have made my chop (my signature) as a pattern and now I tried it as a string. I went on exploring Sandy Hunter´s patterns and found Sweet 101. Rain had to be there this rainy day! Diva Dance since I felt like dancing today and in the background Papermint by Sandy Hunter.

My next tile today:

I had to try embedded letters again! So here comes my B with a lots of patterns! Snorr, Lola and Sweet 101 from Sandy Hunter, the others are zentangles: Rain, Pokeroot, Knightsbridge, Crescentmoon, Fescu and Arukas. Think´s thats all there are.. B is not so much hidden I think, but I like it like this. 

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