söndag 9 juli 2017

MD-tangles II and making a monogramtangle

This morning meditation went into a MD duotangle! Since I saw a tile by Lynn Shelton Mead where she made a tangle of her signature/monogram, I wanted to try this. It was a little scary though. I have made my signature for many years so many times on my paintings and the last years also on my tiles. To use this as a tangle! What an idea! It is like placing myself in a center-posistion, God forgive me, and admit that I liked to be there! Here it is:

It is also like revealing something about myself that I am not used to do. But it is also a way not to take myself to seriousely, but have fun! I used the Monogram-tangle with Daniel Lamothe´s Dreamcatcher. I loved to do this! 

7th, 8th and 9th of July has all come with a flow in my calendar and I am so happy about that. I cntinued with MD duotangles and that gives me a lot of pleasure!

I am still in the candystore. Patterns: Meer (Zt) + Daviso (Katie Crommett), Maryhill (Betsy Wilson) + Dorsal (mine) and Marnie (Chrissie Frampton) + Drawings (Zt). These patterns are patterns I like a lot, since they are all easy to learn (mine included), and relaxing to do. And they do come with surprises when shading!

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